Olena Lazareva
Cheif Financial Officer & Project Manager
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Olena is MS in Project Management at Northeastern University. She is CFO and project manager for Loro Co., developing the business plan, reach out to potential organizations, develop go to market strategy, finding financial resources, funding, and market analysis, reaching to investors and startup competitions. She has 3+ years of experience in project management and business analysis and development in the startup environment. She is particularly passionate about sustainable development, a startup that supports it and innovative technology
Fun Fact: I was on the U.S. National Team for rhythmic gymnastics where I competed at various international competitions.
Olena's spiritual animal: a Tiger
"I believe that by empowering others we empower ourselves"


Boston Office(HQ): Harvard Innovation Lab, 125 Western Ave, Boston, MA 02134

Washington DC Office: Halcyon, 3400 Prospect St, NW, Washington, DC 20007

Luxembourg Office: 29 Bd. Prince Henri L-1331 Luxembourg

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