Loro co. was founded in 2017 by a diverse team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, from Harvard and MIT. Our skillsets allow us to create a holistic and user experience-focused product. Our team has been passionately working with people with disabilities and each founder has created technologies to improve the lives of others.

All the founders and team-members share the same mission to give people with physical challenges the ability to communicate, control, and connect with the world and loved ones.




Steve Saling


ALS Residence Initiative

Scott Overdyke

Associate Director

of Harvard i-Labs

Nancy Frates

Mother of ALS Ice Bucket pioneer, Pete Frates

Don Fredette

Equipment Specialist

at The Boston Home

Ilyse Veron

Advisor At Georgetown University Aging and Health Program

Bill Aulet

Managing Director

Martin Trust Center,  MIT


Be Part of Our Team

Howard Kaplan

Director of Advising

of Harvard i-Labs

Sabrina Paganoni

MD, PhD, MGH, Rehabilitation
Harvard Medical School

James A. Gardner

Market + Business Development, Professor, MBAMedTouch, Northeastern University

Stephen Von Rump

Entrepreneur In Residence at ITEN


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Loro at Harvard China Forum