The Freedom to Connect With the World

A smart personalized companion giving people with

limited mobility the freedom to connect with the world



People with disabilities


People dependent on wheelchairs


People face severe disabilities 

(ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cerebral Palsy)


People experience limited connection with their environments due to lack of upper extremity and neck mobility. This leads to a limited field of vision and communication, causing frustration, lack of independence, and lack of social connection.


Before Loro, there were no user-friendly assistive technologies to help these people navigate safely.

That's why

Loro is a game changer.

How Loro Works

Attach Loro Device to Wheelchair or Bedside.


Loro Device

Download and Install Loro Application.



Hands-Free and
Eye-Tracking Technology.



3C’s: Control, Connection, Communication


A 360 rotating camera broadens a user's field of vision and improves wheelchair navigation safety. This provides users significant degrees of freedom.


Smarthome integration allows users to be connected with their homes and control appliances with the blink of an eye. Increased independence decreases caretaker costs by 20%.


State of the art predictive text-to-speech and speech-to-text reduces communication latency by 40%. This allows for more social connection and more tools for employment, increasing financial independence.

... the first thing to bring artificial intelligence that is accessible to the disabled. Loro is a game changer. 


This device will help me drive

easier especially in reverse or to light a dark pathway, as we as being able to point things out for CNA’s


I’d use it. The pointer would be very handy. Sometimes I get the chair in a position where I can’t see behind me and don’t move for fear of rolling over someone's toes especially in public in a public theater.



 It is badly needed. ... ,

We are forced into dependency when we are perfectly capable of independence given the opportunity. Independence of this nature could save millions in-home care and save even more in humiliation and helplessness. 



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